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How to choose the right patient-physician collaboration tools

Emerging digital tools and devices are transforming the process of patient engagement in revolutionary ways. Interactive applications, mobile devices, and wearable tech and micro-sensors are creating a wealth of opportunities to monitor a patient’s healthcare progress in ways never before possible — and this is just the beginning.


Physician Compare makes quality performance monitoring more important than ever

Patient-reported data contribute to a physician's quality performance score, which will be published on the Physician Compare website beginning in 2017.


Picking The Right Data Tools Is Key To Success In Value-Based Care

Patient outcomes data can create a picture over time of an individual’s participation in his or her own healthcare, and that participation should be placed at the core of the provider-patient relationship.


Wearable devices are soon-to-be massive economic drivers

Wearable devices have made a significant impact on health care for both patients and providers, and it’s clear this influence will grow as the technology continues to evolve.


4 strategies to successfully use data to transition from volume to value

Providers who put systems into place now to quantify and optimize the quality and value of their services will be able to transition their organizations without significant setbacks or disruptions to business. In fact, with thoughtful planning, newly established financial incentives may be realized.


October surprise! MACRA final rule makes an early debut

The folks at CMS surprised everyone today with an earlier than expected release of MACRA’s final rule. Clocking in at nearly 2,400 pages, it sets the stage for a new era of value-based healthcare.


OBERD offers MIPS preparation advice

To assist physicians better navigate the new law, OBERD's Compliance Analyst Velyn Persaud, M.D., M.H.A. has written "How to prepare for the MIPS provision of MACRA."


OBERD Presents at Oxford University Innovation Technology Showcase

Exhibit highlights the future of smart outcomes data collection in healthcare using wearable devices and 24/7 data collection.


18 Leading Orthopaedic Institutions Sign Up for OBERD Registries

Over 750 physicians from leading institutions registered to participate in our new family of OBERD registries.


Geisinger chooses OBERD for Data Collection & Registries

The Orthopaedic Institute at the Geisinger Health System will partner with OBERD for innovative patient outcomes data collection.


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